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Marketing & Sales Resume Sample

A marketing manager essentially undertakes the responsibility of promoting a business, service or product, with the objective of boosting the sales. Depending on the job profile, the manager may be required to promote a single product or service, or several of them. In a bid to achieve the end goal, the manager usually needs to plan and execute various activities such as advertising, digital marketing, on-ground promotions, along with seasonal discounts and other offers. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a vast majority of marketing and sales managers work alongside sales agents, members of the product development and finance teams, and in some cases art directors and designers.

Given the vivid nature of the job, a marketer needs to be sociable, outgoing and instinctive. As a marketing manager, one can either bag a job at a company that manufactures and supplies goods and services, or in an advertising agency. In either case, the best way to find a befitting job is to apply for open positions by sending in a compelling resume. But, more on that later. First, we will take a quick look at some of the facts related to this field of work.


Quick Facts: Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers
2017 Median Pay $129,380 per year
$62.20 per hour
Typical Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s degree
Work Experience in a Related Occupation Preferably as a sales executive
On-the-job Training None
Number of Jobs, 2016 249,600
Job Outlook, 2016-26 10% (Faster than average)
Employment Change, 2016-26 23,800

The hefty income of a marketing manager is something that cannot escape your sight. Well, marketers bring a lot to the table for the companies that they work in, and hence, their steep pay is only justified. If you too happen to be looking for a promising job in this field, that is worthy of your talents, then we recommend you start off by creating an impressive resume. Simply read through the following sections, and add them to your own profile, and before you know it, you will have a job that is gratifying, and helps you lead a fulfilling career.

Contact Details:

Make sure that this section includes all the information that your prospective employer may need in order to get in touch with you, such as –

  • Name
  • Contact Address (Temporary and Permanent, both)
  • Telephone/Cell Phone Number
  • Email Id

Career Objective:

Think of this as one of the most imperative sections of your resume, as it defines who you are, and why you think that you’ll be an ideal fit for the job. In fact, it is your only chance to connect with your recruiters on a subjective level and rope them in to go through your entire profile enthusiastically. Refer to our sales manager resume sampleas it will help you in creating an impressive resume for your upcoming interviews. 

In order to make your objective as impressive as possible, make sure it is concise and crisp. It should ideally be written down in three to four short sentences and comprise of –

  • Your highest qualifications and certifications
  • Your experience (complete with your designation and the number of years)
  • Why the employer must choose you
  • Your past achievements
  • How you will add value to the organization

Furthermore, make sure you let the reader know that you are willing to go the extra mile, in a bid to align your personal goals with that of the organization.  Even if your aim is to gain a top-level managerial position, don’t shy away from mentioning it. If anything, this will only help the recruiter understand that you have a clear vision, and are willing to work towards it. Refer to sales manager resume sample to check how should a resume be drafted ideally. 

PRO TIPConsidering that your Career Objective will sit in the top third of the page, it will most likely capture the attention of your prospective employer in the very first go. In order for your resume to stand out, you must give due diligence to this section and ensure that it is on point. For all you know, this section can prove to be your wild card and earn you an entry to the interview round.

Additional Skills

As seen above, marketing jobs are quite lucrative. However, this is only true if you show promise. One great way to do so is by incorporating as many relevant skills as you can. Right from having an in-depth understanding of how social media marketing works to boasting some copywriting skills, from knowing one or two editing software to be good at crunching numbers, every skill that you possess will take you up the ladder. Hence, don’t shy away from listing all of the skills, that you think will help you portray yourself as a competent marketer. Avoid from cluttering the resume. To introduce additional skills in your resume, you can check out the sales manager resume sample to find out how can you draft a resume effectively.  

Professional Experience

You should list down your professional experience in a reverse chronological order. Under this section, it is advisable that you enlist your job profile, tenure as well as key result areas, for every organization that you have served. While writing about your KRAs make sure you don’t enlist your regular duties, but mention the areas which reflect your achievements. Also, wherever possible quantify your achievements, such as –

Hired and trained 12 marketing and sales specialists, resulting in an increase in sales target and a consequent rise of 10% in sales.

You can do so, in many other aspects such as –

  • Number of agencies dealt with
  • Number of products launched
  • Number of products managed
  • Number of clients acquired
  • Number of marketing campaigns undertaken
  • Percentage of client satisfaction
  • Percentage increase in sales
  • Percentage rise in productivity
  • Percentage increase in social media reach
  • Percentage increase in brand awareness

Adding numbers, as and when required, will help the recruiter understand the scope of your responsibilities, thus ensuring that your resume has a better chance of getting shortlisted. To get a basic idea about making a resume, you should check sales manager resume samples given in the upcoming sections. 

Pro Tip – Create a Niche For Yourself.

Marketing is an exceedingly diverse profession, and hence, it is only seldom that any recruiter, simply looks for a marketer. More often than not, companies are on the lookout for a marketing manager with a specific field of expertise. Hence, if you can, pursue courses that will lead you to a more definitive career path. It will also increase your prospects of employability while enhancing your remuneration. 

Educational Qualifications

While writing a resume you should pen down your education in reverse chronological order. Here, you ought to ensure that you include details regarding –

  • Subjects/Courses
  • Educational Institutes (complete with name and location)
  • Duration and Dates of Courses
  • Professional Qualifications (if any)

You must understand that marketing is a multi-faceted profession, and requires a high level of education. Hence, even if you have the requisite degrees, you can and must opt for various short-term courses that can help increase the scope of your expertise. If you are dedicated enough, the sky is the limit here.

Just so you have a fair idea of how your ideal resume for the job of a marketing professional should look like, our experts have drafted a sales manager resume sample for your perusal.  Take a close look at it, and check whether or not all the aspects mentioned in the same are a part of your own resume.

Download Sample Resume: Download Marketing-Sales-Resume-Sample

Pro Tip

Marketing and sales resume used to be printed out and sent to companies and advertising agencies in the hard copy. These days the applications are processed digitally.

You may either send the application to your employer via email, or they could find it on a job board. In fact, a large majority of employers search job websites for specific words or phrases, called Keywords that are closely related to the job they are hiring for.  Resumes that contain these keywords will show up in their searches, and thus make it through the gate for the first phase of the recruitment process.

Hence, you should try and find words that you think are unique to your job. You can then work these words or phrases into your marketing manager resume, preferably repeating them a couple of times in the document. The key here is to insert the keywords smoothly and cleanly into the word flow so that they look organic and an integral part of the document. This non-obvious inclusion of keywords is a great way to bring your resume to the top of a relevant search. Look at the sales manager resume sample to have an idea about drafting the resume and enhancing its value. 

Here is a sample list of action verbs that you can use in your Marketing and Sales Resume.

Copywriting Marketing Managing
Promotions Advertising Brand Awareness
BTL ATL On-Ground
Instinctive Unique Client retention
Innovative Brand Recall Client acquisition
Product Launch Event Management Product Portfolio
Increased Enhanced Achieved


We hope that you now know, what should and shouldn’t go on your resume so that it looks just perfect.