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Information Technology Resume Sample

Information Technology is one of the most promising fields of the modern-day world. Owing to the exceedingly high dependency of organizations on IT systems for their internal as well as external operations, the need for well-qualified candidates in this segment will only rise in the coming future. And what better a way to start seeking a job in the world of Information Technology, than to create a compelling resume. However, before we do that, let’s take a quick look at some of the responsibilities that an IT personnel is expected to undertake –

  • Management of information technology and computer systems.
  • Planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating IT and electronic data operations.
  • Managing the department staff
  • Offering training to new employees, delegating responsibilities and appraising performances
  • Designing, developing and implementing, systems, policies,and procedures
  • Ensuring the security of data, network access as well as backup systems
  • Contributing to organizational policy
  • Identifying problem areas and implementing strategic solutions in time
  • Auditing systems and assessing their outcomes
  • Preserving information security


Computer and Information Technology jobs are on the rise and are in fact, projected to grow by 13% by 2026. As many as 500,000 new jobs will be generated in the United States within this time period. This growth in job prospects can be easily attributed to the increased demand for cloud computing, big data as well as information security.

While this segment is collectively called IT, there are numerous job titles available depending on one’s education and experience. All of the titles, along with the entry-level education required are mentioned below. This table also comprises of the median pay for each of these jobs.


Computer and Information Research Scientists Master’s degree $114,520
Computer Network Architects Bachelor’s degree $104,650
Computer Programmers Bachelor’s degree $82,240
Computer Support Specialists Bachelor’s Degree $52,810
Computer Systems Analysts Bachelor’s degree $88,270
Database Administrators Bachelor’s degree $87,020
Information Security Analysts Bachelor’s degree $95,510
Network and Computer Systems Administrators Bachelor’s degree $81,100
Software Developers Bachelor’s degree $103,560
Web Developers Associate’s degree $67,990


Going by the figures, it doesn’t come as a surprise, that this segment is more promising than numerous others, and offers ample opportunity for growth. While the role you may want to apply may vary from the sample resume we present, but we assure you that the format of the resume is fit for any job title in the Information Technology Industry.

A professional resume should be both, strong as well as compelling so that it can attract the attention of the recruiter. Hence, it is best if you create distinct sections within the same. This improves readability and also splits up information into smaller chunks and makes it easier for the reader to assimilate. Now that you’re convinced regarding the format of your Information Technology Resume, let us take a look at the details that need to go under each section –

Contact Details:

This is an upfront section and should typically contain the following. You can format this information to fit in a couple of lines instead of a block of text. Just make sure it sits at the top of the resume for the convenience of the hiring manager.

  • Complete Name
  • Phone Number
  • Postal Address
  • Email Id

Career Objective:

Our experts at Resume-Ace believe that the Career Objective is invariably the most imperative segment of a resume. Not only does its position on the page makes sure that it meets the eye of the recruitment officer, but its composition also gives you a great chance at conveying your professional prowess as well as a personal dedication towards your work.

In this section, make sure you convey your work experience, your field of expertise as well as your goals for the future in a concise manner (as seen in the sample below). Even if your aim is to gain a top-level managerial position eventually, don’t shy away from mentioning it. If anything, this will only help the recruiter understand that you have a clear vision, and are willing to work towards it.

Technical Skills:

This is a section that is unique to resumes for IT jobs, pertaining to their highly technical nature. In this section, make sure you mention every possible skill that you have either learned or acquired during your experience as an IT professional.

Mentioning your skills will assure the recruiter of your expertise. Moreover, in case your resume goes through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), your skills will act as keywords and help you get shortlisted for the next round of recruitment.

For better readability, you can categorize your skills under various sections, or simply list them in the form of a table.

Professional Experience:

For the purpose of better comprehensibility, it is advised for you to list down your professional experience in a reverse chronological order. Under this section, it is advisable that you enlist your job profile, tenure as well as key result areas, for every organization that you have served. While righting about your KRAs make sure you don’t enlist your regular duties, but mention the areas which reflect your achievements. This will help you make a lasting impression. Do this in the form of a bulleted list to ensure convenient readability.

Educational Qualifications:

As an IT professional the more you are educated the better it is. As in the case of work experience, even your qualifications must be listed down in the reverse chronological order. Since any job in this industry requires you to have at least a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree, do not mention your high school diploma. Only mention your graduation and post-graduation details, along with that of any relevant certification or diploma courses that you may have pursued.

Now that you’re aware of the sections that your IT Professional Resume must comprise of, let us lay down a sample resume for you. This will give you a fair idea of how these sections should be presented, along with the language that must be used to make them more impactful.

Download Sample Resume: Download Information Technology Resume Sample


Pro Tip

Traditionally, IT Resumes used to be printed out and sent to the relevant organizations in the hard copy. Today, however, the applications are processed digitally. A large majority of employers now search job websites for specific words or phrases, called Keywords that are closely related to the job they are hiring for.  Resumes that contain these keywords readily show up in their searches, and thus make it through the gate for the first phase of the recruitment process.

Hence, it is highly advisable for you to try and find words that you think are unique to your job profile. You can then work these words or phrases into your Information Technology resume, preferably repeating them a couple of times. The key here is to insert the keywords smoothly and cleanly into the word flow so that they look organic and an integral part of the document.

Here is a sample list of action verbs that you can use in your Information Technology Resume.


Consolidate Support Troubleshoot
Administer Maintain Determine
Develop Evaluate Resolve
Create Implement Coding
Deploy Report Licencing
Install Operate Training and Development
Perform Monitor Project Management
Testing MIS Software Development
Launch Information Architecture Quality Assurance

We hope that you now know all that there is to, regarding an Information Technology Resume. So, wait no more before you go ahead and pen down your own.

If, however, you still don’t feel confident enough to draft your own resume, you can always rely on Resume-Ace, and our qualified experts will help you jot down a flawless and impressive Resume for a job in the Information Technology Industry.