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Resume Samples

A good resume is the first step towards a great job. It’s critical to describe skills and experience in a format that is quickly and clearly understood by recruiters and potential employers. Browse through some of the resume samples on this page and you will see the important features of a good resume pretty consistently across these examples.

You are welcome to download these resume samples and use them as starter templates to build your own resume. We have several resume layouts, including the classic reverse-chronological, functional and combination styles. You can customize content of the resume sections based on your unique skills and work experience. Most standard resumes will have the resume sections classified as Resume Objectives, Professional Profile & Summary, Qualifications, and Skills. These resume samples can also be role-specific, for creative or senior management positions. We’ve put together an exhaustive list with examples of some industry-specific resumes that you can use.

Here are some resume samples that you can use to create a new or improve your existing resume.