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Improve Your Chances of Getting Placed Post COVID Pandemic Recession

Post COVID pandemic

It has been observed that in the recent times, people have lost their jobs due to the economic slowdown which is an evil gift of the COVID-19 pandemic. The figure of unemployed people is probably going to increase in the coming weeks. Meeting basic needs is of prime concern, the workers who are being laid-off must understand that it is the time for them to enhance and expand their skills to get placed better. Some new skills that they adopt during this time can prove beneficial for them in the post-coronavirus market.

It is no new awakening that the world is making a shift towards “digital transformation”, in which artificial intelligence and ways to automate the labor intensive task, stands as the top priority. It is best to upskill and reskill yourself to meet the changing and current talent demands and to improve your chances of getting a job in the post COVID pandemic recession time.

To upskill yourself in any new career of your choice there are some online learning platforms that have made learning new skill easy and fruitful. Some low cost training platform are highly lucrative when it comes to getting a new job. Here are some possible career prospects that you can upgrade yourself into to enhance your choices of getting placed post COVID-19.

  • Artificial Intelligence – If you want to improve your chances of getting a better job in a technical realm that is technology driven then artificial intelligence is for you. You can learn more on artificial intelligence through various online platforms from LinkedIn Learning to Coursera, Udacity and many more.
  • Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking – it is important that employees improve their critical thinking and problem solving capabilities. Applicants who can prove how they think are the ones who are sure to solve the problems presented to them with utmost efficiency.
  • Data Analytics – The world is becoming data-driven, the realm of data science and machine-learning is growing and giving you new opportunities. Data Scientists and workers can very well analyze the raw data presented to them and use it to solve some major questions.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Employers wish to employ staff who possess more than what is required for a job. It means emotional intelligence is a great skill to acquire and work on to get better placement post the covid-19 recession situation. The soft skills that are required at work place are the ones to help company’s clients and also improve the overall business strength and eliminate the weakness that any company holds.
  • Digital marketing – So you are a budding business who got hit by the wave of coronavirus pandemic, what do you? You simply upgrade yourself and become more skilled with digital marketing. This also helps with finding a lucrative job in the sector of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Applicants who hold specialization in Digital Marketing are the ones who are help brands become more attractive to the mass and grab the attention of new audience every now and then.

When you upskill you get more weightage to your resume which improves your chance of getting placed. The post-pandemic recession phase is a phase of uncertainty and doubt. It is better to upgrade yourself to be on the safe side. Once you start finding your job hunt the first thing you would need is a resume. Instant-Resume is an online resume builder that will help you and guide you towards building a great resume that speaks volume on your behalf.  Browse through and find the specific resume sample, for the profession of your choice.