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How to write entry level resume

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the first prerequisite for landing a job that you deserves is a compelling resume. Our team of experts have an in-depth understanding of this concept and have therefore created a professional resume template for the entry-level job that you have been eyeing. Just so that you don’t have any problems using the same this template is completely free of cost.

As a fresh graduate or an entry-level worker, you may find it overwhelming to pen a resume that can help you get the much-desired attention of your recruiter, especially because you have little or no significant work experience.

Don’t you worry. This template is designed such that you can present your qualities and qualifications in a manner that is both, organized as well as impressive. The trick here is simple since it is too early for you to have a carer objective, you can include a professional profile instead. And given that your work experience is rather concise, you can add a section that highlights your potential.

Described below is every section that will help you create an entry-level resume that can promise you an interview. Make sure to include as many sections as relevant to your profile. Our experts have also thrown in some Pro Tips. Try and adhere to them as well, and before you know it, you will have a resume that is more than just flattering.

Name and Contact Details:

This is an upfront section and should typically contain the following. You can format this information to fit in a couple of lines instead of a block of text. Just make sure it sits at the top of the resume because that is where the recruiter will look at, to find this information.

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Postal Address
  • Email Id

Professional Summary:

In this section, you ought to introduce yourself to the recruiter. Since this is the only section which is subjective in nature, it is your best shot to establish a personal connection with the reader. Here, you can start by offering an insight into your professional background (complete with your highest educational background). If you have some work experience, you can mention your job title as well as the tenure of work. If not, simply go ahead and talk about some of your exemplary skills and knowledge that you can readily offer. The key here is to communicate the fact that you are an ideal fit for the job.

Make sure that this section is written down in short sentences, not more than 3-4 in number. Keep it as concise as possible.


This is a section that will help you put across your skills in a well-organized manner. Here, you can write down 6-8 skills, all in a bulleted format. Make sure that you do so in the form of short phrases. And yes, only write down the skills that are relevant to your job profile. For instance, if you’re applying for the post of a food service assistance, your tennis playing skills will have no relevance. Of course, if you are a good cook, or have in-depth knowledge of wines, this will be a good place to mention that.

Work Experience:

You ought to list down your work experience in a reverse chronological order. Under this section, you must mention the name and location of every organization that you have served. You should also mention the position you held, along with the duration that you have served. It is also advisable that you enlist your key result areas, for every organization.

Given that you are a fresh graduate, it wouldn’t be expected that you have a significant work experience. Hence, feel free to mention any internships or fellowships that you may have undertaken during or after your graduation.

In addition, wherever possible, don’t shy away from quantifying your achievements. Adding numbers, as and when required, will help the recruiter understand the scope of your responsibilities, thus ensuring that your resume has a better chance of getting shortlisted.


While ideally this section should be placed towards the end of the resume, in case you do not have any work experience at all, we advise you to place it right below the highlight section. If you hold any certifications, it is best to mention it under this section. This will show your willingness to learn, while also assuring the recruiter that you have a certain level of knowledge pertaining to the field.

As is the case with work experience, the details of your education should also be mentioned in the reverse chronological order.