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How to Find a Job during the Pandemic Situation?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected global economy. All various realms of the industry have been hit really hard. The stock market volatility has also been affected. If you have a current job it is most likely that you are currently working from home. The situation is worse for small businesses who were forced to close temporarily and have been hit really hard by losing business and a disruption in the overall supply chain management.

Some firms were forced to layoff, furloghs, and cut down on the work hours, overpay time, as well as implement hiring freeze. The uncertainty that has been surrounding the job market is scary for professionals. People who have graduated during this pandemic situation or the ones who have lost their job are searching for a lucrative avenue.  Searching for a job can prove really cumbersome during the pandemic. So, how do you find job during COVID-19? Here are some helpful ways:

  • Stay connected with your network updates – If you have other working professionals in family or your friends are currently placed at a renowned firm, chances are you will have an edge over others. Companies usually disclose job openings to the current employees first. You can ask your friends or family members to help you find a lucrative position in their firm via email.

You can build your network on professional social platforms like linkedin. You can post your qualifications, skills and previous job experience, to reach out to more people. When you have a network helping you chances are you will be placed soon as compared to others who only go by traditional method of searching job portals.

  • Social distancing requires phone and video job interview skills – with the current COVID-19 situation it has been mandated to work from home and stay at home unless necessary. Now that people are working remotely the job interviews would also be conducted over the phone. Phone interviews can be a little trickier than the face to face ones. There are tips and tricks that can greatly help you crack any kind of interview.
  • Opt for freelance – If you are unable to find any other job during this current pandemic time, opt for freelance gigs. Find the freelance job that meets your skillset, prepare a befitting resume, you can use free resume builder for this task. Start by approaching the possible employers. Pitch in the idea and your charges for the task they are ready to outsource.
  • Customize your resume for each job – What is the first thing that the employer goes through? It’s your resume. You want it to be appealing enough to be able to get you into the shortlisted candidates list. Hiring managers receive tons of applications for a single job post. It gets really difficult for them to make the call of which one to choose, so they go by the resume. What they look for is everything clearly and neatly mentioned. No one likes to beat around the bush to know more about the candidate. Hence, the resume must be attractive enough to hold the hiring manager’s attention. A tried and tested way to do this is by online resume builder.

The world is in a perplexed state right now, but it will all soon settle down and things will go back to normal. Until then, find the job of your dream with an appealing resume. Instant-Resume is your online resume builder offering you help with structuring an appealing resume. Browse through the various sample resume options online, now!