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Cover Letter for Engineering Jobs

When it comes to boosting your chances of getting hired, writing an ideal resume is only half the battle won. The other imperative aspect that can help you make your way to the next round of recruitment is your cover letter. For all you know, a resume has, more or less, a fixed format which makes it easier to formulate. On the other hand, drafting a cover letter may prove to be a tricky job. We say this because –

  • The letter gives the recruiter a sneak-peek into your written communication skills and your command over language. Since these qualities are of high significance for a high-level job pertaining to engineering, you ought to ensure that the language is flawless.
  • Unlike resume, which focusses on your achievements and experience, the letter needs to carry a compelling argument regarding your capabilities. This is definitely easier said than done.

It is for these very reasons that our specialists have created an ideal cover letter template for engineering, which will not only help you gauge what needs to go in the letter, but also help you understand the standardized formatting and writing style that you need to adapt.

Betsy A. John
15 Elm Lane
Chicago, IL
Home: (735) 236-8900
[email protected]


Dec 22, 2017

Ms. Cindy White,

Director of Operations
TSG Software
Chicago, IL

Re: Opening for the position of IT Engineer

Dear Ms. White,

I recently came across your post regarding the opening for the position of IT Engineer, and as luck would have it, the job description given by you matches my qualifications to a great extent. I am, therefore, interested in this delightful opportunity.

 My career as an IT Engineer has been quite fulfilling, thanks to my successful tenure at MM Infosystems, Chicago. During my time with the organization, I have led the team responsible for the development of a customizable Enterprise Resource Solution. It gives me immense pleasure to say that I have an appreciable level of experience in all aspects of ERP development, testing and implementation, right from design to deployment phases. 

In the recent past I have contributed towards –

  • Customizing the ERP solution for jewelers, educational institutions and manufacturing companies.
  • Creating new modules for different industries in line with the client’s demands.
  • Creating a new model, wherein we needed 20% less human resources to meet our goals.
  • Building rapport with overseas colleagues to ensure seamless flow of work.

Moreover, I have served as the head in MM Infosystems’ core team for establishing standards, and have helped reduce overheads and enhance efficiency.

Ms. White, I can assure you of my work ethics as well as the value that I will bring to your organization. I am sure that MM Infosystems will gladly back my claims, and recommend me for the same.

If the prospect of having me on your team interests you, please feel free to call me at (735) 236-8900 or drop in a mail at [email protected] to arrange a meeting.

I look forward to speaking with you!

In anticipation of a positive reply.

Betsy A. Johns
Enclosure: Resume


We hope that the sample cover letter for engineering jobs gave you a fair idea of the writing style as well as the formatting that you need to follow.