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Cover Letter for Housekeeping and Cleaning Job

Finding a promising job in the present-day times of increasing competition can be an uphill task. However, if certain simple steps are followed, this task can be conveniently taken care of. To begin with, you will be required to jot down a compelling Housekeeping and Cleaning Resume. And, in order for the resume to make a mark, you need to support the same with a well-drafted cover letter.

In the digital era that we live in, this might seem like an unnecessary activity to many. It is for this very reason that we’re pointing out at two imperative aspects that a cover letter highlights. These are –

  • It gives the recruiter a sneak-peek into your written communication skills and your command over the language.
  • It helps you make an impactful case in favor of your capabilities, unlike your resume, which primarily focusses on your achievements and experience.

Giving due consideration to the above mentioned aspects, our specialists have created an ideal cover letter template for a cheering job in the housekeeping and cleaning industry. It is our belief that this template will help you gauge what needs to go in your cover letter, along with ensuring that you know the standardized formatting and writing style that you need to adapt for the same.

Chrissy Metz

289, Marlin Street,
Chicago, IL
Home: (735) 236-8900

[email protected]


March 11th, 2018

Mr. Shaun Watson,

Recruitment Manager,
Atlantic Suites
Chicago, IL

Re: Opening for the position of Housekeeper and Cleaner

Dear Mr. Watson,

It was on 9thof March, that I came across a posting regarding the open position for a Housekeeper and Cleaner at your establishment. It is with pleasure that I say that I have been on the lookout for a similar job, and am therefore willing to take this opportunity to apply.

The job description given by you matches my qualifications to a great extent, which makes me feel I would be a great fit for it.

Right from the very beginning of my adult life, I had always been fascinated by the hospitality industry. It was this very reason that prompted me to seek and pursue a job in the industry, as soon as I received my High School Diploma. My inherent organizational skills and my inclination towards maintaining a cheerful and welcoming attitude only helped me become better at this job.

From what it looks like, I can prove to be a good fit for the position, considering my inclination towards offering an impeccable hospitality experience, combined with my inherent organizational skills. Then again, I’m more than just sure that I will be able to put my knowledge as well as past experience to good use, and prove to be an indispensable asset to your establishment.

In the past, I have worked at Hotel South Park, for over 2 years. My responsibilities there included cleaning of the rooms, hallways as well as the banquet hall. I was also required to manage the inventories pertaining the toiletries, towels, and linens that were to be changed/restocked in the rooms on a day to day basis. This, being my first job, helped me get a deeper understanding of the industry, and over the course of time, ensuring that I got better at juggling between the various responsibilities that I was delegated with.

Moreover, I have come to understand that there are certain aspects at which I truly excel. These include –

  • Greeting and welcoming the guests with impeccable warmth.
  • Attending to personal needs of the guests, and ensuring that they’re as comfortable as possible.
  • Supervising the crew to ensure that the rooms are cleaned and prepared for new guests, within a short time span, thus increasing the overall operational efficiency.

I am only applying for this position because I am confident that my communication skills, my hospitable essence and my dedication towards this job are noteworthy.  I would also like to mention here that I take the utmost pride in my work and therefore maintain the integrity of the highest level.

Mr. Watson, I can assure you of my work ethics as well as the value that I will bring to your organization. I am sure that the manager at Hotel South Park will recommend me for the same.

If the prospect of having me on your team interests you, please feel free to call me at (735) 236-8900 or drop in a mail at [email protected] to arrange a meeting.

I look forward to speaking with you!

In anticipation of a positive reply.

Crissy Metz

Enclosure: Resume


We hope that the sample cover letter pertaining to the job for Housekeeping and Cleaning industry gave you a fair idea of the writing style as well as the style of formatting, that you need to follow.