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INSTANT-RESUME is the best place to build your resume. If you are looking for a job, you know you need a great resume. A recruiter usually has only a few seconds to review your resume and decide to follow up with you for the next round, or put your resume in the not-qualified pile. A professional looking resume creates an impression that is going to set you apart from rest of the candidates. With Instant Resume- an online resume builder, you can be absolutely sure of the quality of your resume. 

If aren’t sure how to put your skills, education and work experience together in a professional document, our resume builder can guide you through it in just a few minutes. Our experts have even put together following resume samples to help you get the ideas flowing. With our free resume builder, make sure to create a resume that creates a long-lasting impression on the interviewer and highlights all your qualities.

Accounting & Auditing

These resume samples will provide emphasis on education and technical knowledge, including pertinent numbers where needed. Great for Business Analyst, Professional Accountant, Bookkeeper, Controller or Data Analyst roles.

Administrative & Clerical

Our Office & Administrative Resume Samples will help you display your skills or experience in customer service, MIS or organization, in a properly formatted resume. You can apply for roles such as Account Executive, Administrative Assistant, Finance Clerk, Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Data Entry Clerk or Human Resource Executive.

Babysitter & Childcare Worker

Babysitter is a position of extreme responsibility. Our resume builder will help you convince a prospective employer that you are the best babysitter to take care of their children and that you are capable of tuning yourself to their specific needs.

Construction Worker

Being in construction, you’ve probably done a little bit of everything. Highlighting your responsibilities and your ability to learn new skills quickly is key to developing an effective construction worker resume.

Customer Service Rep

A customer service rep guides the customers of an organization with relevant product/service information. Our resume builder will help you highlight your ability to listen to customers, answer inquiries, giving instructions, promoting products and services and solving complaints.

Electrical Engineer

An Electrical Engineer is responsible for adjusting to virtually any device that uses electricity. Using our resume sample you will highlight your ability to design and ultimately create electrical devices of any type, especially computers.

Food Server / Waiter & Waitress

With so many applicants, your resume may only have a few seconds to catch a busy manager’s eye. You need to highlight your experience handling food and beverage service, your culinary knowledge and cash handling among other things. Look at our sample resume to get useful ideas to stand out.

Information Technology

IT jobs are in demand all over the world. Since almost all companies these days use computer systems, they need someone who can manage software, hardware, and networking to ensure a smooth-running business operation. Look at our sample resume to highlight your experience and desire of learning new technologies in the very fast changing world of technology.

Janitor & Maintenance

Be sure to mention your experience of performing routine manual tasks such as cleaning and caring for assigned areas in buildings. Look at our janitor’s resume sample to tell potential employers that you’ll be their go-to person to keep their equipment humming.


A modern-day librarian often needs to have a specialized degree or diploma, complete with the knowledge of dedicated library software and computer applications. Whether you wish to apply for a job at a public library or a private one, through our Sample Resume for Librarian, it will become exceedingly easy for you to put forth these qualities, and present your qualifications in a systematic and appealing manner.

Marketing & Sales

Our Sample Resumes for Advertising Marketing Sales & can teach you to use your resume as a tool for branding and marketing your skills, whether you’re a seasoned Marketing Manager, Insurance Salesperson or Social Media Manager. You can also use this for roles like Advertising Account Executive, Digital Strategist SEO Specialist.


Whether you have been playing as a substitute or a regular musician when you wish to take your career to greater heights, all you want to do is rely on our polished Resume Samples for Musicians, and before you know it, you will start getting approached for respectable shows and recordings.


One of the very few professions, where your interpersonal skills count as much as your educational background. drafting a resume for the field of nursing can be tricky. This is where we come in. With our flawlessly written Sample Resume for Nursing, you can have a much better chance of getting your dream job.

Real Estate

As fulfilling as the job of a realtor is, it isn’t always easy to lay your hands on some promising job profiles. Thankfully, you now have access to our meticulously designed Real Estate Agent Resume Sample, which will give your dreams just the right amount of push, for you to experience a glorious reality.

School Teacher

Parting education to growing children is one of the most revered undertakings. After all, not all professions are truly responsible for the future of the community, nation and the world at large. To make sure you seem like the perfect fit for the esteemed job of a teacher, we have some truly compelling Resume Samples for School Teachers.

Security Guard

The recent times have seen a surge, in the need as well as in the scope of responsibilities of a security guard. For what it’s worth, this has made the profession more promising than ever before. Hence, if you are looking forward to realizing its full potential, make sure you don’t miss out on our professionally drafted Resume Samples for Security Guards.

Truck Driver

Driving a truck is much more than simply transporting goods. It takes a great amount of skill, vigilance, and patience, to become a driver that transporters can rely on. While it is up to you to hone these qualities, we can always help you go a step further through our expertly designed Sample Resume for Truck Drivers.